The Hall & Committee Room

The Hall is an extension to the club’s premises which also include the committee room. The Hall hosts most of the Club’s events aswell as for the Nursery’s events. The Committee Room named for the late Joe Schembri.

The Hall it was officially inaugurated on the 24th May 2009 by the former President of the M.F.A. Dr. Joe Mifsud. During his speech Dr. Joe Mifsud said that he was happy that a club like Mgarr United although being a small club has such good facilities at his disposal and this augured well for the club’s next project of laying of synthetic pitch in the Mgarr Ground (Inaugurated in December 2010).

Club President Joe Schembri and Vice President Paul Vella wished to thank all the sponsors and volunteers who gave their time and donations for this project and for their continuous help towards the club. Another message came from Mr. John Mary Vella former coach and founder of Mgarr United who said he was glad that the club was looking forward and this was another milestone in the club’s history.

Afterwards the new committee room named for the late Joe Schembri, founder and former player and committee member, was inaugurated by his wife Mrs Miriam Schembri who said that she and her family were happy that the club with this act was showing his contribution towards her late husband. After the inauguration Fr. Edgar Vella blessed the new premises.