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A comfortable win for the U/15's 1st knockout game

Tuesday 09 September 2014 - Category:Nursery - Posted by: Elaine

In the opening encounter of the new season and new format 2014/15 our
U15’s grabbed the 3 points home after a convincing 6-1 win against St. Lucija.

This 1st leg knockout stages competition game came after a month of training
and sacrifice for all the players and staff during the hottest and most enjoyable
month of the year (August).

The game started with Mgarr immediately went on the offensive but
surprisingly after 20 minutes, St. Lucija managed to open the score from a
bounced shot from the central area of the pitch.

Mgarr reacted immediately and a good run/assist from Julian Agius, John Attard
managed to equalize the score in the 30th minute. As from now on our lads
never looked back and kept on believing their abilities that they can win this
battle, with a slight more convincing performance.

In the early minutes of the second half our opponents awarded us a penalty
after a hands ball in the penalty area, and our new Captain William Muscat gave
us the lead. The team kept on attacking our opponents and from a beautiful free
kick just outside the penalty area, Owen Fenech made the score 3-1 in the 15th
minute. John Attard listed his name again in the scorers sheet when making the
score 4-1 in the 21st minute. While the game was reaching the final stages the
lads kept on possession and in the 29th minute Keith Camilleri was fouled in the
penalty area and the referee awarded us the second penalty where Luke Calleja
hammered the net. In the very last moments of the encounter, Julian Agius the
front line warrior also engraved his name in the scorers’ sheet reading 6-1.

We will meet St. Lucija for the 2nd leg in 2 weeks time. This win gave us a gold
opportunity to book our place in the group stages.

Formation: Christian Camilleri(gk),Daniel Portelli,William Muscat(Cpt),Alan
Galea,Luke Calleja,John Attard,Julian Agius,Owen Fenech,Keith Camilleri,Owen
Borg(Wayne Borg),Brandon Agius(Malcolm Vella).


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