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Interview: Tancred Mizzi

Friday 03 August 2007 - Category:Interviews - Posted by: Admin

 " I have started my interest in football way back in 1956. At the age of 3, when I was an ardent follower of SLIEMA WANDERERS, following in my father’s footsteps. "


1.         Name  TANCRED MIZZI

2.         Data of Birth:   06.08.53 in Msida

3.         Marital Status:   Married to Rena and has 2 daughters, Yana & Sarah.

4.         Hobbies:   Football , Sitcoms, Travelling & Photography

5.         Favourite food:   Fish and Pasta

6.         Favourite type of music:   60’s for ever

7.         Favourite film and actor/actress:   Deathwish 1-5;  Charles Bronson

8.         Favourite foreign football club:   None in particular. I love aggressive attacking football

9.         Favourite Maltese and foreign player:   Michael Mifsud & Diego Armando Maradona.

10.        Favourite Maltese and foreign coach:   Pippo Psaila(even though he seldom adopted the ‘attacking strategy’ – Arrigo Sacchi and Jose’ Mourinho

11.        Which person would you most like to meet?   Arrigo Sacci or Jose’ Mourinho. I met Pippo Psaila on various occasions.

12.        Are you superstitious?       Not at all

13.        What motivates you most in life?   Good communication and comradery

14.        What’s your motto in life?   Wishing well to one and all: then one and all would wish you well too.

15.        As a young kid, did you play football for a particular club?   Up to ‘Minors’ stage with Msida SJ, my home town.

16.        Did you play football elsewhere?   Yes. Held a regular place, as midfielder with the Bank’s ‘B’ Team.

17.        Best moments as a player?   Every time we beat arch rivals, the then MID-MED Bank. My goals in such encounters…. ‘cherry on the cake’.

18.        Any regrets?   At the age of 28 I had to quit following a knee injury from which I have never recovered.

19.        Do you think that players nowadays have more opportunities than you had?   No, I am positive about this fact..

20.        What motivated you to start coaching?   I have started my interest in football way back in 1956. At the age of 3, when I was an ardent follower of SLIEMA WANDERERS, following in my father’s footsteps. Then, by the time I was forced to quit playing the game, I was too much attached to this favourite pastime to live without it.

21.        What were your previous coaching experiences before joining the Mgarr United Youth Nursery?   As a coach I had spells with, Hibs, B’kara, Sliema and the the MFA Technical Centre. As a Head Coach I was 4 seasons with Mellieha and for the last two seasons here at Mgarr United.

22.        Did you win any honours as a coach?   Quite a few, but, then, that’s thanks to the boys who worked very hard for these achievements. 

23.        Best moment during your coaching carrier?   3 Tournaments overseas:i.          At Val d’Aosta, losing only to the ‘National squad, under 12’s. This is when our squad was described as ‘La Squadra piu brava da Malta’ in the local press.ii.         In Egypt with an under-12 squad competing in an under-13 T’ment. We gained a lot of praise.iii.        In Debrecen in Hungary. We managed a 3rd place final position in a very tough T’nament wagainst a lot of sides coming from top, Eastern Europe Countries.    

24.        Any regrets?   Poaching young footballers. Or…..rather…. parents moving their sons from modest, serious Nurseries to more ludicruous clubs, perceiving that their boys will now become better players immediately, only to find out (sometimes) that the moved only served to dry their sons’ love for the game.  In other words my advice to such parents is… let your boys enjoy their boyhood in their own environment and let them seek elsewhere when time is ripe.

25.        Do you think that the Mgarr Y N possesses quality children that can make it to the highest level of football?   There are a couple of boys who, in my opinion are poised for big time. Only, they have to show their true love for the football and be aware that nobody…….nobody…… bigger than the game and one should never even have a light sniff of it. Football has done away with geniuses like Maradona, Pele, Cruyff, Beckenbauer e bella compania.

26.        In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of being Head Coach of the Mgarr Youth Nursery?    The environmet is apt to my style. My hard working nature is complimented by continuous support by all involved. The lack in quantity is well neutralised by the eagerness and volition of all our boys towards the game. Big clubs may be rich in names and skills(‘imported’ from other nurseries), Mgarr Utd (like sister village, Mellieha), boast of an environment and organisation, second to none.

27.        Do you think that the Nursery played a role in the success obtained by the Mgarr Minors & Seniors teams?   One must answer this question by simply thanking former Head Coaches and coaches, of course, plus Nursery activists and sponsors, who, since the setting up of this Football School, have all worked hard to produce ‘goods’ for the Senior Team. Yes I think the Nursery provided adequate ‘tools’ for both the Seniors and the Under-19’s …. The Mgarr United Committee banking fruitfully on these investments. 

28.        Now that you have been with the Mgarr Youth Nursery for three years, what is your opinion on the people of this village?   Amongst the best I’ve ever met…..Any chance of a flatlet in the area?????????? 

29.        What could be done to improve football in Malta?   When one considers our youngsters participation abroad, one can agreeably argue that  results are satisfying. In Elder groups, (i) the fact that very few players make good living out of playing professional football in Malta, (ii) the fact that foreign clubs ensure that youngsters on the doorsteps of the Senior sides are provided with the best medical, physical and nutritional environment, (iii) not to mention the pay they offer. Our approach towards professionalism is still way back compared to rich clubs in Europe and America. 

30.        In your opinion, what does the future hold for this nursery?   When I look back to the last few seasons, I can see that, for quite a number of years the Nursery has made great progressive, steps. The latest being the achievement of ‘A’ license last season. Our nursery is considered as a model nursery around the Island. The future looks bright.

31.        Where do you see yourself in five years time?   No idea whatsoever.

32.        And finally, a message to all the kids playing for the Mgarr Youth Nursery.   Keep football in its natural state. Love it, Play it, Enjoy it.    


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