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Interview : Luke Muscat

Friday 11 May 2007 - Category:Interviews - Posted by: Admin

Personal Details:


Name: Luke Muscat
Data of Birth: 15.02.1982
Status: Single
Do you have a nickname? No .. Thank God!
Hobbies: Travelling and Joking around
Favourite food: Anything that my mum cooks is great but her 'stuffat' is something very mouth watering. (Proset Mummy)
What music do you like to listen to? Depends on my mood, if I'm ready for a fun night out with friends I'd go for House Music whilst ifI'm driving my car I'd listen to the Mgarr fc cd !!!!
Favourite film and actor/actress: Film: Scarface Actor: Al pacino Actress: Jessica Alba Favourite foreign football club: Mhux ovvja LIVERPOOL
Favourite Maltese and foreign player: Michael Mifsud / Steve Gerrard
Favourite Maltese and foreign coach: Sir Joe Grech / Rafa Benitez
Are you superstitious? Not at all
What motivates you most in life? Women
What's your motto in life? Get rich or die trying

Luke as a Player

At what age did you start playing football? 8 yrs

How did football help you as a young kid? Well I lost my dad at a tender age of 8 and retaliated my anger in the game which certainly helped me mature quickly in life both on and off the pitch.

Which clubs did you play for? Rabat Ajax

Apart of this year's promotion, did you win other honours as a player? No .. ..this year was my very 1 sl time.

Best moment of your carrier to date? It has to be this year. Winning the league, unbeaten and sirens ending as runners up is certainly something to be proud of..

Do you have any regrets? No ...I always learn from my mistakes.

Who influenced you most as a player? Carmel Busuttil and Diego Maradona

Which was your first appearance for Mgarr United? It was friendly against Sirens.

Which was the best goal you scored in your carrier? Knock out this year against Xghajra   it was a 35 yard volley.

In your opinion, who is the best goaler and the best defender you ever played against? Hmmm ...I remember Justin Haber when we were young.. ...and the solid Julian Briffa.

What could be done to improve football in Malta? Improving better facilities to attract more youngsters to pick up the sport however we are surely heading in the right direction.

What does Mgarr United mean to you? HMS .. heart .. .mind .. ..soul.

Now that Mgarr United won the promotion to the 2nd Division, do you think that the club must do any radical changes? Not much however some experience will be needed to read mind the games in 2nd division.

Now that you have been with the Mgarr United Football Club for a number years, what is your opinion on the people of this village? OOOOhhhhhh good question. . . .. There is no word to describe them but they are the richest people at heart.. ..1 love you all !!!

In your opinion, what does the future hold for this club? It is bright, I can see more coming home.

Where do you see yourself in five years time? Playing for Mgarr with my kids in the stands @

And finally, a message to all your fans and supporters of the Mgarr United Football Club.

Dear Mgarr

Saying thankyou is not enough you deserve much more than the word thankyou.
You are all special to me cause you have welcomed me so warmly in this little village of yours. I never knew that such a small club could have such a big heart as yours, and for this you have all become the closest people to my heart.
Never leave me and I shall never leave you.

With Love Luke xxx


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