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Interview with Vesko Petrovic

Tuesday 24 March 2009 - Category:Interviews - Posted by: Admin

\"Name: Vesko Petrovic
Data of Birth: 23rd December, 1965
Status: Married
Do you have a nickname?: Vele
Any Hobbies: Reading
Favourite food:
Italian and Indian
What music do you like to listen to?: Italian
Favourite film and actor/actress:  Alcatraz/Sean Connery
Favourite foreign football club: A.C. Milan
Favourite Maltese and foreign player: Michael Mifsud/Kaka
Favourite Maltese and foreign coach: Zazu Farrugia/Marcello Lippi
Are you superstitious?: No
What motivates you most in life?: All the things I enjoy doing
What’s your motto in life?:  What goes around comes around

Vesko as a player:

 At what age did you start playing football? At the age of seven
Which clubs did you play for?  FC Bokelj, FC Velez, Rabat Ajax, Valletta FC, St.Patricks, Dingli Swallows, Xaghra United as a professional player and Valletta St.Pauli/ DFB Dieburg as an amateur player.
Did you win any honours as a player? Player of the year with Rabat Ajax, Xaghra United, Player of the year for the Swan League. Trophies with Valletta FC and 10 consecutive league champions of the Swan league with Valletta St Pauli.
Best moment as a player? 1991Voted as one of the best players in Yugoslavia South Region
Do you have any regrets during your playing days? None
Who influenced you most as a player?  Van Basten
How do you compare football being played today with that of your time? I believe in my time the game was played with a passion and a lot more of enthusiasm; nowadays unfortunately most youngsters get into football for popularity and treat it as a part time job.
Do you think that players nowadays have more opportunities than you had?  Definitely
I found on the internet that you was injured by Sliema's Zammit Fava and retired after 2 years, is this true? And how ? Yes truly so, I did get injured playing against Sliema, but I must highlight that this was not the reason for stopping with my professional career. It was a matter of calling it off after 18 years as a professional. By the way I have not retired as yet, I still play on an amateur basis!

 Vesko as a coach:

What motivated you to start coaching? The love for football is never ending
What were your previous coaching experiences before joining the Mgarr United Football Club? In the past I was a player/coach for Rabat Ajax and Xaghra United, and after that I was coaching B’Kara youths. I must say that every season I get opportunities but the thought of having to sacrifice my time at playing myself, is not fully bearable and acceptable to me as yet.
When did you first hear about United’s interest and how excited are you? Well Mgarr got in touch with me a few days before I actually started. I must say that I have taken this role as a big challenge for both myself and the squad, considering how things stand when I took over the team.
What honors’ did you achieve as a coach to date? So far I haven’t really had the chance for achievements, but having done so well in my career as a player, I definitely have the same ambitions as a coach.
Best moment during your coaching carrier? Saving Mgarr from relegation this year would be a day to remember.
Any regrets? None so far
Do you intend making any radical changes in the squad? The first and foremost concept I wish to adapt to the team is discipline and the sense of responsibility, which in my opinion lacks a lot. In three months I am afraid I cannot make the radical changes that haven’t been done in years. I believe with how things stand it’s a matter of pulling our socks up and do our best to focus on keeping the squad in 2nd Division
Joe Grech has always put a lot of faith in the club’s young players, are you going to be the same? In three months or less unfortunately, I cannot involve the youngsters as much as I wish, but this is not because I do not have the faith in them, but because of the circumstances.
As a coach of the senior team, what is your opinion on the Mgarr Youth Nursery? Well what I can tell you so far is that in the past two weeks I have had players in the Youth team who have actually refused to join the first team; this to me is lack of ambition, enthusiasm, and not real love for the game.
Why do you think in most cases the National Youths get better results than the seniors in International matches? I believe that at a youth age, the player is still in a phase of establishing himself both with his club and the National team and therefore the enthusiasm and motivation is much stronger; but unfortunately the minute they sign a contract the knowledge of the game is taken for granted and the ambition drops.
What could be done to improve football in Malta? My answer would be to change the mentality towards the game itself, but this is impossible. You can see the difference when a player moves to a different country – that is when he gets the feel of combining discipline to the game he is used to playing over here.
Where do you see yourself in five years time? Usually I like taking things one at a time
 And finally, a message to all supporters of the Mgarr United: All the supporters and members of the club are aware of the critical situation and I believe that it is easy to remain close to the squad in the good times, but then abandon them when they need you most. I therefore call upon all supporters to make this last effort with both myself and the squad to reach our target which is after all what the club deserves. I wish to take this opportunity to thank the club president and the hard working committee for the trust they showed in entrusting me with this challenge and all the members and supporters who have sent their kind greetings.      


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