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Interview: Joe Grech

Thursday 10 May 2007 - Category:Interviews - Posted by: Admin


Personal Details:

Name: Joseph Grech
Data of Birth: 16/02/57
Status: married
Do you have a nickname?: Not that I know off
Hobbies: football – road running – all sports - reading
Favourite food: rabbit & spaghetti
What music do you like to listen to?: Golden oldies – pop & country
Favourite film and actor/actress: various epic films – Sean Connery, Charlton Heston & Ingrid Bergman  
Favourite foreign football club: Manchester United
Favourite Maltese and foreign player: Jamie Pace & Paul Scholes
Favourite Maltese and foreign coach: Paul Zammit & Ferguson
Are you superstitious?: no
What motivates you most in life?: Family & friends
What’s your motto in life?: Just do your best the rest is the will of God

Joe Grech as a player:

At what age did you start playing football? From very young in the ‘then’ fields of Mosta

Which clubs did you play for? Mosta & my last 2 years with Mgarr + various amateur clubs & Work place teams. Youth international 1972/3/4

Did you win any honours as a player? With Mosta –. 2div. champions, minor’s sec B champions, promotion to IST div. (no premier then). As a player 3 times player of the year & most dedicated for Mosta. Player of the year of the Malta Hotel Ass. League.

Best moment as a player? Forming part of the first ever winning Maltese team against foreign opposition beating Wales 1 – 0 at the stadium Gzira. Also playing for Mosta in the highest division was a great experience as well.

Do you have any regrets during your playing days? Not really I’m sure I did & gave my best.

Who influenced you most as a player? Tony Cauchi my coach for 8 years

How do you compare football being played today with that of your time? Then it was more individual now its more team work and physical.

Do you think that players nowadays have more opportunities than you had? For sure plus more facilities although still not enough.

Joe Grech as a coach:

What motivated you to start coaching? Could not let go of the game and trying to make my son interested in which I failed.

What were your previous coaching experiences before joining the Mgarr United Football Club? Player coach for a season with Mgarr, Mosta nursery nearly all ages, head coach & administrator, Mosta F.C. youth coach & assistant to fist team.

What honours did you achieve as a coach to date? U14 Sardenia tournament, U16 promotion to sec.A, Last year’s U19 promotion, sec winners, & k/out final champions.

Best moment during your coaching carrier? Definitively this year’s 3div. Promotion & Championship 

Any regrets? That I cannot keep everyone, especially all the players, happy but as I said before I try to do my best and that’s it.

In your opinion what attributed mostly to this year success? The players will to win, the committee’s backing and the supporter’s support.

Do you intent to make any radical changes for next year now that you won the promotion? No not really I believe we have a team that is still growing up and gaining experience. One or two might be considered if need be, but I believe we have a very good talented squad who can adjust very well.

As a coach of the senior team, what is your opinion on the Mgarr Youth Nursery? I believe they provided us with a very good core (pedamenti) for the present and the future and from what I can see they are still working on it. 

Now that you have been with the Mgarr United Football Club for three years, what is your opinion on the people of this village? They are adorable and have a big heart for such a small community. Who hasn’t got problems? Trying to solve them is the best cure and getting more UNITED is the word.

What could be done to improve football in Malta? Well, better pitch surfaces, teams having more facilities and expertise, playing matches more frequently and keeping players playing at least up to the age of 23 (reserves league reintroduced).

In your opinion, what does the future hold for this club? I cannot predict anything. I can suggest something that we can touch. I believe Pieta Hotspurs have done wonders in local football and I think one should try to imitate there good progress on the local scene. Of course UNITED is a hard act to copy.

Where do you see yourself in five years time? Do not know but I’ll do my best to go fowad.

And finally, a message to all supporters of the Mgarr United:
You’ve proved to be a great support during the last three years. Just do your best to stay that way if things get hard for your team. That’s when we’ll need you the most. Thank you and God bless you all. A special thank you goes to the committee & the helpers for all they’ve done for us and on a personal note thank you Gigli ta' kemm dejjaqtek.       


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