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Thursday 12 June 2008 - Category:Interviews - Posted by: Admin

 I know that you want to thank everyone for this success but what was the secret after all ?
Fred, you asked if there is any secret for the past seasons good ending? Well the above must be IT as we, the players, committee, nursery, supporters and this SITE managed to walk, run, stride and sprint as ONE POWERFULL ATHLETE, and there you have it = A SATISFACTORY RESULT from a well coordinated BODY.

\"DSCF5000\"This season was toughest than the last season ?
Last season was great but we were superior to most of the teams even though it was quite tight as well. But this year every game meant something very important for the whole season. Both for the first team and for the U19. I believe each game kept us on our toes and thinking about the following game. The games we lost could have finished us off so we needed character to stand and pick our selves up. The ones we won were never enough as we needed to keep on marching ahead to reach our goal. We only took a sigh of relief at the end of the games against Attard for the 1st team and when we got hold of the Cup against Luxol. 

Was Karl Vella unfortunate to be sent off in the semi final of the knock-out and also ?
I can imagine how hard it was for Matthew Borg and Karl Vella to be so unlucky to be so unfairly ruled out of the last games of the season by a silly Ref's decision. Even so they did their part and surely contributed to our final satisfaction. 

How nervous were you when St. Andrews leveled the score in the 94th min from penalty ?
On a personal note, my heart passed trough some really testing moments during the season, like conceding goals at the end of a couple of matches, toping it off with that penalty in last Friday's final. No wonder Joe the Pres accused me during some games that I do not act as I preach especially after such testing decisions. Sorry but I'm only human. Am I satisfied after all this? Boy, I think I feel like Ferguson after the Champion's league final. Why not? Man United are BIG and we are small so we enjoy our simple achievements, right? So let's enjoy it while it lasts.

What is your target next season with both seniors and minors?
Which brings us to next season. A very close event mind you. We have very good talented players at Mgarr and we were joined by some very good ones last year. I think all our players impressed and had a good season. 

What impact will this success have on the players that are on loan from other clubs, like James B, Matthew B, Ryan, Eric, Mark etc...? 
Now the ones who do not belong to the club, will they join us next year? I hope their clubs weren't watching our games. Well we'll see. 

"Thank you Fred for giving me the chance to express my feelings after such a long eventful season. All's Well That Ends Well - a very adapt saying. Looking back things could have finished very badly for us and we were walking a very tight rope indeed. Would Grant (Chelsea) be a hero NOW if Terry hadn't slipped making the press call HIM/Grant a LOOSER?"

"Fist of all I must say that I cannot find enough words of praise for our hard working committee. What can you say to show how thankful you are for the time and work the likes of Gigli, Joe Pres. David etc.. contribute to our club and our cause. All voluntary aid from the heart with no gain in return, except, the hope of  success for their beloved teams. How many times have I called upon Chris for this and that, and how many hours did he and Joe the Pres spend to fix or get this or the other for the team? Impossible to count and appreciate, I must conclude. So a big THANK YOU from me to all those, club & nursery members, who helped out to manage our team, is the least I can say or give. Without you the team would have had no brains, no hands, no legs, and no heart, you're a very important part of our body.  "

"To finish off I would like to give big Thank You and Prosit from my heart to the main ACTORS/PROTAGONISTI of this season = THE PLAYERS as it is them at the end of the day who must perform well out there and the result is up to them. Thank you for your sacrifice and courage, all of you, kbar u zghar. Cu next season.  "

Joe Grech


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