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Since 1967

The History of Mgarr United F.C. begins in 1967 when after the dissolution of Mgarr Eagles F.C.,an under 16 team called Mgarr Juvenals founded by Mr.France Debono went on to become Mgarr United F.C..It was decided that the colours where to be white and green and the first training sessions were held in golden bay.With the co-operation of the Mgarr Oratory director Dun Guzepp Vella, Mgarr United F.C. started club meetings and training in these premises.

The first Coach & The first competitive Match

The club first coach was the legendary Lolly Debattista and renowed people who gave a helping hand to this new born club were Fr.Hilary Tagliaferro and the late Salvu Cuschieri. The first competition the club had taken part in was the ASCC with the first game on the 1 november 1968 being played at Manoel Island agianst ta' Giorni Wolves with a 2-0 win both goals being scored by Joe Muscat a.k.a Terry.

Participation in the M.F.A

In the 1969/70 season Mgarr United F.C. thanks to the persistence of Mr.John Mary Vella took part in the M.F.A. minors league with the first game being played on the 4 October 1969 against Vittoriosa Stars with a 1-0 win thanks to penalty converted by Louis Vella. In 1971 the premises were moved to the Mgarr square thanks to a property made available by Mr. Pio Vassallo and training sessions were held at the Mgarr Primary School.

Participation in the M.F.A

In 1974 after an agreement between Zebbiegh Wolves and Mgarr United F.C. both sides added their forces and for the first time took part in the M.F.A. 4 division. Under the the President Mr. John Bezzina the first official game was held on the 12th October 1974 at thr Pace Grasso, under the guidance of Mr. Marcel Scicluna, Mgarr lost the game by single goal.

New Premises

In 1980 the committee after some good work done by Mr. Carmel Muscat and the late Joe Schembri the Mgarr United F.C had new premises at the Housing Estate and a new ground nearby.At the time the club was equipped as a professional team. (Photo: Paul A. Vella presenting Dr. George Abela a memorable gift during the Premises Inauguration)

First Promotion

It was in the 1987/88 that the club saw it's first honor when after a very difficult season Mgarr United F.C. obtained promotion to the 2nd Division of the M.F.A. under the guidance of coach Mr. Paul Barbara. Unfortunately Mgarr United F.C. were relegated the following season.

Nursery Founded

Season 1997/98 had been a busy one for the football community in Mgarr thus after the Mgarr Youth Nursery was founded, Mgarr United achieved for the second time a promotion to the second division after a string of 11 wins from 12 games.

(Photo: One of the first activity at Mgarr Nursery)

Hardest Time

From 2000 to 2004 Mgarr United saw it's hardest time ever, passing these years in the bottom places of the 3rd division. The only positive feature in 2003 was the forming of the U/19 after some good work and the guidance of Mr.Saviour Caruana. On their first outing against Zejtun C, the Greens won by 5-3 and going on to finish their first season in the 3rd place, failing promotion by a whisper.

New Committee Formed

After an Annual General Meeting on the 15th November 2004 Mgarr United entered an new era with Mr. Joe Schembri installed as the new President of the club. It was going to be hard for the new committee taking over with the team at the bottom of the table without any points. But the appointment of Mr. Joe Grech as coach, the team responded well, getting 12 points from the rest of the season and avoiding the bottom places. In the same season the Youth team failed to get promotion after finished 4th in the league.

Youths win the double

Season 2005/6 was to written in Mgarr United's history seeing the senior team finish in the 8th place and the u/19 team achieving the double after being crowned Champions of Youths Section D and winning the Knock Out B final at the National Staduim Ta' Qali with a 4-0 victory over B'Bugia.This season saw the youth achieving 12 straight wins which is a record for the club.

BOV 3rd Division Champions

2006/7 was another season to be remembered with the senior team in the 3rd division, the Youths were for the first time playing in Section C and the Mgarr football community saw the birth of the Mgarr United Women Team for the first time playing in the National First Division under the guidance Mr. Patrick Ebejer. The first competitive game was against St.Venera on the 26th September 2006 with a 6-2 scoreline. This season kept with the promise of being remembered with the u/19 side getting promoted for the second time in two years from Section C to Section B of the MFA Youths League. The Seniors team made history by being crowned for the first time as Champions from the MFA Third Division and quite impressively remaining unbeaten all the league.